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Odds are improving for a Seminole gambling deal in the Legislature

With the Seminole Tribe folding on some contentious issues and the Legislature looking at a possible November deadline to get anything done, a gambling deal for Florida is closer than ever. (File / Sun Sentinel) The Florida Legislature is showing its hand in another attempt to bring the Seminole Tribe into a new, lucrative gambling agreement with the state. Th new deal would potentially end greyhound racing, bring craps and roulette to Seminole casinos and allow designated-player games. Under a draft agreement the tribe has shown several state lawmakers, it would now be willing to consider designated-player games and fantasy sports leagues such as FanDuel and DraftKing, both of which it had previously said were in violation of its agreement with the state . “We’re close on the structure of an agreement, but we still need to look into the details,” said state Sen. Travis Hutson, R-Palm Coast, the sponsor of a Senate gambling bill. The ruling means blackjack until at least 2030 at Seminole-owned casinos and means less money... The draft proposal by the Seminoles has not yet been voted on by tribal members, according to Hutson. It marks a significant reversal for the tribe, which previously won a lawsuit over designated-player games violating the tribe’s exclusive right to offer banked card games such as blackjack. A spokesman for the tribe would not comment on details of the draft. “I can confirm that a document does exist that the tribe has developed and shared with leaders of the Legislature,” said tribal spokesman Gary Bitner.

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